Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday morning

Hi everyone,
                    I have my son's this weekend and while they are playing the xbox I thought i'd blog a little. A special hello goes out to my aunt and uncle (carrie and steve) in Arizona. I sure do miss them and I miss being out west.
                    We are going to go see this movie called "Mega mind". A kids movie I know but I'm the kind of guy who will still sit and watch "Tom and Jerry". HAHA. We are going to see it in 3-D. That's always fun! Just being with them is good enough for me but they like to go out to eat and watch movies and of the x box. Football season just ended for both of them and they did great. They both made it to the playoffs but lost.That's ok,there is always next year.
                    This is a little short but I have some things to do. I will be back with my movie
                                                             Everyone have a great day, Kerry jr

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