Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello everyone,
                            It has been a little while so I thought I would write a few things. What the heck,right?
So, I have my sons with me this weekend and we all went to this little park that has wild ducks and geese and threw them some scraps of bread I had been saving for just that occasion. I often talk about my family {and theirs}out west. I tell them as much as I can about Granma and Granpa. And my Aunt and Uncle in Arizona. I would love to bring them out to visit. Maybe someday.
                             I am currently reading another Stephen King novel called Full Dark No Stars. It has 4 short stories. So far I have read 3 of them. It's ok I guess. Not his best work by far. The best story out of the 3 I read is about a woman who gets revenge against her captor. It's not bad.She does a great job inflicting serious damage against this guy and most of his family.Including Mama,who seems to have condoned her son's sicko ways.Anyhow,like I said, it's ok.
                              It has been a wet,rainy,cool day today so we are gonna sit inside for awhile. Well, I love you all! God Bless All Of You. Adios from South Carolina.Kerry Jr

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