Thursday, March 10, 2011

Checkin' in!

Hello everyone,
                            I m sitting here writing this before I go to work. { no S@#T huh ? haha}. Any way,{laughs},Well, I thought that was funny. But, ok. I am back on night shift so I have had a chance to listen to some good books on cd. I love those things. You can rent them at your friendly local library. They really make the time go by fast when you are on a long trip.I finished this book called "Ironfire" by David Ball. Wow, what a cool book. My Dad and I really like the old stories of Troy and Achilles and King Odysseus and so on. We also like stories about the old roman times back in 1100 A.D. or so when you had the Christians fighting the Muslims,. You remember the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition and stuff? That is what this story is about.
                          I will talk more about this story next time. Sorry, but I didn't realize it is getting. Have to go to work. Another great book I just finished reading is "The Hittite" by Ben Bova. Man,That book was GREAT!!!! Well, I have to get going. I promise to be back real soon with my reviews on those two books.Love you all, Kerry JR

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