Sunday, April 10, 2011

Close By

I was in dreams, but still it seems his voice called out my name
His loving tone said “You’re my own; my kingdom’s yours to claim”.
Praise each day that you were born into this earthly realm
And know that I have been close by… the captain at the helm
Praise each hurt that came your way for it was in my plan.
And know that I have been close by… the Sheppard of my lamb.
Praise the stones and paths you chose, through wrong they seemed to be.
And know that I have been close by to lead you home to me
I had awoke, but still he spoke, his voice like thunder rose. He made it known
He tests his own, through trust and faith, love grows.
Praise every pain and count it gain to make your spirit strong. Know that I am
Still close by, the composer of our song.
Praise the name of Jesus Christ for through his death and resurrection…you
Stand close by and know that I see you in his perfection.

Kui Clear-Water
Story Teller Waccamaw Indian People

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